Jun 4, 2019

Where to find my actual blog

My blog is actually located at: My Blog On Blogspot

Their site is far easier to post content than here. Maybe I will move it over here, once I learn more about how the Calguys Blog Module works.
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Topics will include: 1. Database Stuff -- Mainly Oracle, but some SQL Server, some MySQL, some PostgreSQL. 2. AWS Stuff -- This will include Architecture, including RDS, EC2, S3, VPCs, etc 3. Training Stuff -- I am an Authorized Oracle Trainer and am in the process of becoming an AWS Authorized Instructor, so I will share info here. 4. Miscellaneous Stuff -- Whatever else comes to mind. 5. Security Stuff - This will include avoiding scams, baits, etc.. Each topic will be in its own blog entry.

Remote Database Services

With multiple different resources upon whom you can call, KCS can correct your database problems onsite or remote, with limited notice.

By utilizing KCS' Remote Database Services, the KCS team of professionals can also be your DBA team, ensuring that you have resources available no matter the hour (even during peak commute times), at a price that best suites your position.  Never pay for more than you need and never get overcharged for unexpected issues.

Prevent lost revenue and productivity by getting our expertise, right when you need it.


Database systems supported:

Oracle technologies supported:

  • Oracle licensing
  • Remote DBA Services
  • Installation & Configuration
  • Backup & Recovery (RMAN)
  • Grid Control / Cloud Control
  • Database Control
  • Data Guard
  • RAC
  • ASM
  • Performance Tuning
  • Automation

and MORE!!

Latest News

It's been a long time in coming, but thanks to the gang at ComputAssist we finally have the new, good-looking site up and running!


The new web site contains more information about KCS services and happenings. News will be posted right here, so check back regularly!

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